Tony Z., Mark Schwab , 'Sunday night could be a special night'

Tony Z., Mark Schwab , 'Sunday night could be a special night'

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Thursday night was amazing and LeBron was amazing again. Another 41 points to go with 11 assists and eight rebounds. They only needed 23 out of Kyrie this time.

I'm not going to get into too much of what happened in Game 6 because I can't stop thinking about Game 7. I keep thinking of Herb Brooks - "One game. That's what you've earned here."

They earned it. As LeBron stated when he returned- nothing here is given, everything is earned, and this Game 7 sure as hell was earned. Down 2-0. Down 3-1. They have fought and clawed against the odds to set up the two best words in basketball - Game 7.

I've lived in Cleveland since 1983. Not as long as some, but a good amount of time. I feel like I'm in some position to make this call- Sunday night is the biggest night in the history of Cleveland sports. Why more than the Indians Game 7 in 1997? Because the losing streak is 19 years longer. Why more than any title game that the Browns or Indians won decades ago? Because there was not a 52 year losing streak hanging over the city's head.

It's one thing to say "they have a chance to win it all this year," it's something entirely different to actually reach the game that could win it all. This isn't a put-away game against some team from the East or any old Finals game against Golden State. This is the one. This is for everything. This is something the Cavaliers have never had despite playing in gobs of playoff games over the decades. Game 7 of the NBA Finals. One game. 48 minutes. That's what they've earned.

As Brooks said- now go take it.

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