Cavs players arrive back in Cleveland to hero's welcome

Cavs players arrive back in Cleveland to hero's welcome

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland Cavaliers fans waited in long lines and some walked nearly a mile just to "witness" the return of their championship team.

After about an hour of waiting, the team's Delta Airlines plane taxied through two massive streams of water being sprayed by two fire trucks as they entered Atlantic Aviation. Airport officials were giving the team a high honor by creating an arc of water to drive through.

Just minutes later came the moment fans had been waiting for. The players that brought home a championship for Cleveland for the first time in half a century emerged from the plane.

J.R Smith was one of the first, pausing, shirtless for shouting fans.

Kevin Love looked like someone who had just won a UFC or WWE match with a world champion belt hanging over his shoulder.

Then, something Cleveland fans will remember, undoubtedly, for a long time, Lebron James hugging the trophy and running around the parking lot showing the shiny piece of hardware to fans on the other side of a chain linked fence.

There were cheers, screams and lots of tears too. As one fan we talked to said, "I'm crying happy man tears."

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