Die-hard Cavs fan wish comes true 1 year later

Die-hard Cavs fan wish comes true 1 year later
Fan gets championship tattoo last year. (Source: WOIO)

Depending on how you see it Lonnie Coleman is the bravest, craziest, or perhaps the most optimistic Cavs fan you may ever meet.

Last year, a week before the Cavs even played a single game in the finals, Coleman got a tattoo on his leg declaring that they we're already the 2015 champs.

"LeBron was coming home I just thought it was the most ideal thing to do," said Coleman who lives in Euclid.

Tattoo artist and friend Reggie Evans did the job.

"When he called me and said he wanted a Cavs 2015 tattoo. I was like wow you're kind of tripping this time, but Lonnie is a good friend so I was going to have to give it to him regardless," said Evans.

Evans designed the tattoo that Coleman sports on his right leg that featured the Cavaliers logo with "2015 Champions" around it.

When the Cavs lost the finals last year Coleman says he was devastated.

"I got so much backlash for that," said Coleman.

But he didn't stay down. The the devoted fan took another leap of faith in September before this year's season. He had Evans change the 2015 to 2016.

He was that confident this would be the Cavaliers' year and of course,  it was.

"The unity that the Championship just brought to Cleveland is crazy," said Coleman.

Coleman believes that  he's silenced Cleveland doubters and Evans says his clientele has increased after news of the tattoo spread.

As for next year, Coleman says he has no plans of risking it again for 2017, but he will always believe in his team.

"I got so much faith in Cleveland Sports its crazy," said Coleman.

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