Good Advice: Use RTA to see Cavs victory parade

Good Advice: Use RTA to see Cavs victory parade
An RTA bus operator had some fun at work, with a few happy kids. (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - City officials are expecting hundreds of thousands of people to come into downtown Cleveland Wednesday, and they want you to use RTA to do that.

Catching RTA downtown to the Cavs victory parade will be a snap.

"It's going to be a great day for Cleveland. We are so excited and we are gearing up.  We have extra staff available throughout the city. We're going to be at all the major rail stations helping customers find their way,"  said Linda Krecic spokesperson for RTA.

You can park for free at some the park and ride lots and then buy an all day pass.

"We'll have our staff ready right there with the passes in hand and we really ask folks to bring 5-dollars, exact change. Cash is going to be the fastest way to go. The pass is good all day. It's round trip," added Krecic.

An estimated 800,000 people expected to come downtown to celebrate our new NBA Champions, The Cleveland Cavaliers.

Andy Coyne is visiting us for the Greenville, South Carolina. He's getting use to catching the rapid.

"There aren't many hotel rooms left in downtown. So, I'm staying out by the airport and I found that the train is probably the most easy way and the least expensive way to get from the airport downtown," Coyne said.

Haddasah Williamson rides the rapid every day.

"Yes, I would recommend it. It's so much better verses parking downtown. So much friendlier," Williamson said.

Remember there are going to be absorbent parking fees. The best thing to do it catch a bus or catch the rapid and that you can get in town, party and you don't have to worry about driving back him.

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