Cavs parade offers chance for Cleveland police to train for RNC

Cavs parade offers chance for Cleveland police to train for RNC

It was a unique day on the streets of Cleveland during the Cavs parade and police were everywhere.

Officers were on foot, in patrol cars, on motorcycles and bicycles. It was a snapshot, in some ways, of what we can expect for the Republican National Convention in a few weeks. What's different is that the parade crowd was celebrating and not everyone will be celebrating convention week. Still, it was a good rehearsal.

There was one police accident, early on, when a car and a police motorcycle collided.

A witness said, "I just saw the police officer kind of go into the other lane and this car just kinda came up and hit the front end of the motorcycle."  The officer was bruised but fine.

Another RNC snapshot were bomb dogs. Sniffing packages and the officers handling the dogs examining trash bins for anything suspicious.

Not all of the planning was police planning. Hydrants were opened for cooling and drinking water.  EMS was busy tending to people overcome by the heat.

The one problem that was unavoidable was the size of the crowd -- estimated at 1.3 million. Long before the parade began, some people called it quits. One man leaving with his children said, "... been out here for two hours among people and you can't with the young ones, it's just getting to be too much."

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