One before I die: A cancer survivor's winning moment

One before I die: A cancer survivor's winning moment

OLMSTED FALLS, OH (WOIO) - Julianne Allen was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago, after learning about her diagnosis during a routine mammogram. 
"Never in my life have I felt that sick, that tired, that much like I cannot do this," said Allen. "I'm going down this normal path with two kids and suddenly, it's like oh no you're very sick you need to get in treatment right now."

Allen endured chemotherapy, and the decision to have both breasts removed.The then 41-year-old underwent six surgeries.

"How is this happening to me?" questioned Allen.

But this Cavs fan said that what happened on Sunday inspired her to blog.

"One before I die. If you're a Cleveland sports fan you know what this phrase means. Cleveland has been the sad and sorry victim of a series of very unfortunate events related to multiple heartbreaking and painful losses," said Allen as she read from the blog she wrote on SheInTheCle.

Allen said Sunday's Championship win was more than just a win for the team.

"Being down and out and the odds are very much against them, I just, something in me related to that and I just felt like almost a weight lifted off me too. I really did feel that night I won here too-not just the Cavs," explained Allen.

Won because she witnessed that moment. A winner because Julianne has beaten cancer. She's now a survivor who fought the disease.

Julianne's family there watching with her and her husband David still reliving that powerful moment.

"Looking over celebrating with my wife it's a double win. It really is. It really is. A moment I'll never forget," said David Allen.

"The bad luck of the seasons past and my cancer diagnosis now seems to have lifted. They did it. I did it. We won. I got my one before I die," Allen read 
from the last line of her blog.
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