Federal judge overturns Cleveland's restrictions on RNC protesters

Federal judge overturns Cleveland's restrictions on RNC protesters

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Three weeks before the convention, a federal judge rejected the city's planned protest zone because it was too restrictive.

In his ruling, judge James Gwin noted multiple reasons for the ruling, including the event zone is way too big, the parade route isn't sufficient because it doesn't take protestors near the delegates---a violation the judge noted is a violation of the constitution. According to judge, the designated parade hours are not in sync with the hours the delegates will be at the convention. The judge says, is a violation of the first amendment.

More than 30 groups have registered to protest at least 4 locations during the convention.

National Security expert, Tim Dimoff says he believes this was all a part of the City's strategy.

"Let's go extreme, if we have to pull back a little bit, we will. Rather than giving the protestors everything that they wanted, exactly the way they wanted which would have been much harder for the safety forces in the city to control them," said Dimoff.

The ACLU is working with Cleveland to compromise on how the protestors should be handled. The judge's ruling notes the city has legitimate concerns for peoples safety. There's less than a month to come up with a plan for the protestors.

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