Girl says couple tried to lure her into car

Couple tries to lure child into car

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Crystal Jackson, 9, says her mother taught her not to talk to strangers. That lesson kept her safe Tuesday evening.

Jackson says she was playing outside with friends near her home on West 61st Street when a man and a woman tried to lure her into their car.

"A car pulled up and then (a man) told me to come to the car. When we said 'No,' he came around again. And then when we said 'No' again, a lady came around with the same car. I was scared and a little shocked because that has never happened to me before," she said.

Jackson said the couple was white.

"The guy had brown eyes he was bald he had no facial hair and he had a black shirt on. The girl had sunglasses on. She had a blue hoodie on and she had blackish, brownish hair and it was in a ponytail," said Jackson.

The girl's mother Kimberly McGee called Cleveland police and they are currently investigating.

"Everyone is alert staying out with their kids and watching, helping each other watch each other's kids," said McGee.

Meanwhile Crystal too scared to go outside and play again in fear that the couple might return.

"If they don't catch that guy today or whatever I hope everyone is alert and still knows somewhere down the line they do catch them," McGee said.

A neighbor's surveillance camera captured the couple's silver 2005 Nissan Maxima.

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