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Resident says city of Cleveland has done nothing with nearby vacant lot

(Source: City of Cleveland) (Source: City of Cleveland)

Last month, Cleveland 19 News reported on a vacant home in an area neighborhood. It’s been five weeks, and the city has yet to do anything about the vacant lot.

Mary Keith cares deeply about her neighborhood on Townsend Avenue in Cleveland, and cares about the city-owned lot next to her home. A house there was torn down years ago and plowed into the basement.

It was covered with dirt, but the dirt sank.

Since then, Keith has broken her ankle mowing it and a neighbor’s child has fallen into it, cutting his head. That child needed stitches.

Every year Keith has a back-to-school party with donated gifts, food, school supplies, and police officers even mingle with the children. This year it is going to be held Aug. 12, and Keith fears the city won't get its act together in time.

Keith has continually tried to keep the lot neat, even though it’s the owner’s job. The owner is the city of Cleveland.

Keith’s garage is filled with evidence of her efforts -- she’s worn out four mowers trying to keep the lot clean.

Cleveland 19 News told the city about the situation May 17, and got assurances from the mayor’s office that the city would get right on it. Obviously, nothing has been done.

Officials said this week a contractor will be on the job Monday.

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