Parade route plan set, other details being worked our for RNC

Parade route plan set, other details being worked our for RNC

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The corner of W.20th and Lorain is where protest parades will cue up for the march across the Lorain Carnegie bridge into Downtown Cleveland. 
There is no issue with it, there is plenty of room for marchers to get organized. The issue was on the east side of the bridge and where the marchers were going to be directed once they got downtown.

At the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Christine Link updated the negotiations with the City of Cleveland saying, "the meetings are done, that parts done; we're entering the second state, which is lets get this down on paper and the drafts will be handed back and forth."

She is pleased with what's happening.  Armed with a Federal Judge's preliminary injunction, the ACLU has the muscle to force the city to negotiate
the route and other details.  The injunction came after complaints that the city's parade hours and route were far removed from the Q and its activities.

As things stand now, once downtown the parade will continue on Carnegie, marchers can head toward Progressive Field or to parades end at East 14th. 
Was the city serious about its earlier route or just jockeying for position. Link says "I wouldn't doubt negotiating strategies, these are skilled lawyers but also the Judge was pretty clear on his position."

The devil can be in the details and a fear remains that the city's motive was to discourage protests. Link saying "If you don't have a bathroom,
can't get a drink of water you go home or go away."  Now the fact that the marchers no longer have to turn off Carnegie on the east end of the bridge will keep them closer to the Q, they want their voices to be heard.

It signals that the city likely was looking for the most restrictive route it find, knowing it would be overturned and ready to negotiate.

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