Renovated parts of Hopkins Airport reopens

Renovated parts of Hopkins Airport reopens
The renovations at Hopkins Airport cost $36M. (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Interim Hopkins Airport Director Fred Szabo is excited about the official reopening of the renovated sections at the airport.

"This is a celebration of a significant milestone for Cleveland Hopkins International Airport," said Szabo.

CLE is on the move in more ways than one. Multiple championships, with the Calder Cup and the NBA Championship and now a multi-million dollar facelift at Hopkins.

Folks are excited about the $22.6 million renovation to the ticketing hall and exterior canopy. Inside, there have been 30,000 square feet of improvements to the ticketing level, including security Checkpoint "B" upgrades.

There are now eight electronic sliding glass entrance doors and three sleeves revolving doors priced at $92,000 each.

The doors will keep it cooler in summer and warmer during our brutal winters here in northeast Ohio.

Mayor Jackson, on-hand for the announcement, is pleased about the investment at CLE Hopkins.

"You have to put some money into it.  You have to put some work into it so that it not only looks nice, but so that it's customer friendly and it keeps us in a competitive mode," Mayor Jackson said.

Joe Roman of the Greater Cleveland Partnership is pumped about what all this means for the region and commerce.

"This benefits everyone.  All of those airlines, all of the demand, all of the airlines we're still going to attract," Roman added.

Cleveland 19 News reporter Harry Boomer spoke with people who were inconvenienced by the dust and walls that were a part of the
renovations over the past year.  Michelle Hemphill and Dave Ramnarine like what they see now.

"We've traveled in and out of Cleveland for the last year and a half since we've been in Myrtle Beach and it looks fabulous right now. No walls. You can see everything," said Michelle Hemphill.

"I think the lighting is much brighter and open and I think that's what the city wants when it comes to the RNC, an open feel and a welcoming feel to the city," Dave Ramnarine added.
The mayor said more upgrades are coming, including to the luggage retrieval and parking areas.

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