Transportation companies booked solid during Republican National Convention

Transportation companies booked solid during Republican National Convention

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - If you're looking to be chauffeured around during RNC, you may be out of luck.

Many transportation companies are already booked.

Cleveland 19 News reporter, Sia Nyorkor, found that some are even hiring drivers to keep up with the demand.

Brian Warren, General Manager of TL Worldwide Transportation, explained the demand for transportation is so great -- the company is hiring extra drivers to keep up and looking for more.

"It varies, we're looking for, it could be 20-50, it depends on how that week pans out for us," said Warren.

Warren has about 125 employees on staff -- new chauffeurs will still have to go through the mandatory two week training and background check. But complicating matters is fear of the unknown in downtown Cleveland.


"We have not been told what's gonna be closed, where we can drop, where we can pick up and I know they're setting different boundaries based on your credentials, if you're in zone 1, zone 2, zone 3, we have not been told anything so we really don't know," said Warren.

Cleveland is expecting more than 50,000 visitors for the week of the convention and local businesses have  been preparing for months. Warren says they too, will be ready.

"No matter if the convention is here or not, that's what we do on a daily basis. It's unknown to us just with the clientele that we have. We never know who we're picking up at the airport, they could have a bogus name, we just go with the flow and that's why they call us," he said.

The Republic National Convention will be held here in Cleveland July 18-22.

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