Chipotle's plan to regain customer loyalty

Chipotle's plan to regain customer loyalty
Chipotle offering free burrito's. (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - You might have thought Chipotle's delicious taste was rewarding enough, but we have news for you!

Chipotle is offering customers bonus rewards and free food for eating at their Mexican Grille.

Starting July 1st through September grab your Chiptopia Summer Rewards Card.

How this newly introduced reward card works is, it is honoring customers for making numerous trips to the Mexican grille a month, of course ordering something every time you go.

The Chiptopia Summer Reward Cards come in the levels of the traditional flavors, mild, medium, and hot, all having different meaning.

If you earn a mild flavor all three months you will receive one additional free entrée, if you earn medium you receive $20 in Chipotle merchandise on their website, and if you receive the highest of them all, hot, you will receive catering for up to 20 people.

Customers who join the Chiptopia Rewards Program in July will earn free chips and guacamole with their first entrée purchase. At the end of every month your Chiptopia card resets and the customer will start with a clean slate for the month. Any rewards earned throughout these three months will expire 30 days after earned.

For more information about the Chiptopia Summer Rewards Card, visit

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