Couple reflects a year after same-sex ruling

Couple reflects a year after same-sex ruling

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Sunday marked one year since the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage and the ruling is still having an impact here in Northeast Ohio.

Jessica Rosenblatt and Diana Chittester still remember what they were doing when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same sex marriage.

"It was a huge huge celebration for us," said Chittester.

"A moment of equality were you could be together and not worry about the discrimination from the outside," said Rosenblatt

The couple had been together for seven years before the historic moment. Diana was a musician and Jessica worked as her publicist, and soon their partnership blossomed into more. Loving was easy, but acceptance not so much.

"It's hard when you're dealing with society," said Chittester.

As the relationship grew more serious there were more issues to face.

"Five years into it we went through the legal end and we got a power of attorney to help us with legal rights to each other in case there was an accident," said Chitteser.

"If anything happens to us in the hospital we didn't want to be denied the right to see each other," said Rosenblatt.

It was the best they could do at the time, but when the Supreme Court's ruling swept away bans on same sex marriage, the couple got married four months later, cementing their love in front of friends and family.

They say the biggest change has is feeling the equality.

"To be able to say this is my wife and it's recognized, this is a huge step," said Chittester.

Now on the one year anniversary they say they've seen more acceptance from society, but they know there are still great strides to make.

"We have to stop categorizing: feminist, black, gay, white. We have to start using the word human and until we do that we're always going to have a group of minorities fighting for rights and acceptance," said Chittester.

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