More adults should anchor their furniture, expert says

More adults should anchor their furniture, expert says

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - At least six children have died -- and dozens more have been seriously hurt -- by IKEA dressers that have tipped over on top of them.

The company is now recalling 29 million dressers and chests sold in America.

Once every two weeks, a child dies from a piece of furniture or television set tipping over. Hundreds more are injured. Though there have not been any injuries reported in northeast Ohio, this is one of the largest consumer safety recalls in U.S. history.

The recall of IKEA's MALM dressers is highlighting a child-proofing gap that goes beyond outlets and baby gates.

"The death of a child is an incomprehensible tragedy and it should never happen to any family and our hearts go out to the families that have to go through this," said Lars Petersson, IKEA's president. "People don't see. They home proof, they baby proof, they child proof. But they don't think of these tall things. They don't see them as dangers."

Mandy Nagle from Safe Kids of Greater Cleveland said only about one in every four adults anchor their furniture and TVs. It is a hazard she has been trying to put a stop to for years.

Prior to the recall, IKEA distributed 300,000 anchoring kits designed to secure the dressers to a wall. Some say it was too little, too late.

Nagle said 80 percent of tip over victims are 5 years old or younger.

"Little kids want to pull out all the drawers and climb to the top," she said. "So not only do you want to make sure of that anchor, but don't put anything that they want on top of there so they won't want to go up there as much."

?IKEA is offering a full refund for the dressers.

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