RNC Protest Groups: Approved & Denied

RNC Protest Groups: Approved & Denied
(Source: RNC)

Currently, there have been 23 protest groups approved with 57 total events. There have been 2 groups denied as of June 22.

There are many other groups who have submitted applications who have not yet been approved or denied.

City officials have been posting approvals/denials on a weekly basis.

Groups Approved Permits:

America First Unity Rally

Black on Black

Bring Back Ohio

Cleveland Baptist cChurch

Cleveland Peace Action

Code Pink Women for Peace

Food Not Bombs (out of state group)

Food Not Bombs - Lake County/East Side Cleveland

Gaye Lub

Greater CLE Immigration Network

Imperial Women Coalition

J.S. Longwell

LVW Greater Cleveland

NE Ohio American Friends Service Committee

PAMI: Curious End to War Against Ourselves

Peoples Fight Back Center

Pierre Nappier

Revolution Books

Salam I Come in Peace

Scott Roger Hurley

Stand Together Against Trump

Stop Trump

Westboro Baptist Church

Groups Denied Event Permit:

Citizens for Trump

Organize! Ohio

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