Are we overusing the tribute of flying flag at half-staff?

Are we overusing the tribute of flying flag at half-staff?
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NEW YORK (AP) - Nearly every day somewhere in the country, the Stars and Stripes is flying low, ordered to half-staff in one of the most significant official gestures of mourning and respect.
An Associated Press analysis of proclamations from 50 state governors and the federal government found American flags were ordered lowered at least someplace 328 days during 2015.
They honored hundreds of people including slain soldiers, terror attack victims, baseball legend Yogi Berra and one of the Navajo code talkers who helped stymie the Japanese during World War II.
Flag buffs have noted that such honors have increased over time, and they and other Americans have questioned whether the country has lowered the bar on the lowering of the flag. But while some states tightened rules in recent years, others faced criticism for withholding the tribute.

In Ohio:

Instances of Ohio ordering the flag flown at half-staff last year on at least some government property:
-Jan. 30: Putnam County Sheriff Michael Chandler, died during his tenure.
-Feb. 6-12: Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins, died during his tenure.
-Feb. 13-20: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, died during his tenure.
-Feb. 23: Former Columbus Mayor Dana G. "Buck" Rinehart.
-March 7-11: Former First Lady Nancy Reagan.
-March 22-26: Lives lost in suicide bombings in Brussels, Belgium.
-April 1: Cincinnati firefighter Daryl Gordon, fell into an elevator shaft and died during fire.
-April 11: Army Capt. Jonathan Wynkoop, died during training.
-April 19: Columbus Police Officer Steven M. Smith, shot while standing in the turret of a SWAT vehicle.
-May 25: Hilliard Police Officer Sean Johnson, killed in a motorcycle crash during training.
-June 25-Jun. 26: Cincinnati Police Officer Sonny Kim, shot on duty.
-Aug. 20: Toledo police dog Falko, German shepherd shot while chasing a murder suspect.
-Dec. 31: Hamilton firefighter Patrick Wolterman, died after falling through a floor during house fire.

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