Romona's Kids: Old Angle Boxing Club

Now that it's summer, there are lots of programs to keep kids safe and on the right path.

Romona Robinson found one that's year-round, that has been teaching students for generations.

The kids learn to be peacemakers and stay out of trouble in a way you wouldn't expect. Boxing! The Old Angle Boxing Club on Cleveland's West 25th Street was started by Gary Horvath, a seven-time Golden Gloves champion. The program is open to kids age 8 and up. They learn everything from nutrition to life lessons.

"I think it teaches me self-control and how to be independent," said Aniyah Vega. "It helps with your defenses."

"You can protect people that are hurting and they're getting picked on and bullied," said Natasha Czerwinski.

"I play basketball but I like boxing better than basketball," said Iseliya Negron.

"It's fun and a good sport to learn," said Dessiona Jackson.

"Homework is the first priority because without good grades, they're not allowed to work out," said Horvath. Kids have to keep a C average, but there is tutoring available at the club.

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