Take a look inside this Detroit Shoreway 'Tiny House'

Take a look inside this Detroit Shoreway 'Tiny House'

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The next time you're in the Detroit Shoreway's EcoVillage, you may notice a tiny house.

Citizens Bank and Detroit Shoreway opened one of the house's doors Friday.

"I'm really proud of this community to think that over 20 years ago this neighborhood was thinking about environmental stewardship," said Councilman Matt Zone.

At just under 600 square feet, the houses have two bedrooms and one full bath with a loft. They are energy efficient and made with green materials. The goal was to make the homes appropriate for all stages of life.

Perry Williams said he's thinking of downsizing from his big home.

"It's just room to store stuff I really don't need or really don't use everyday -- so that way I can sort of shrink down on all this stuff that I have or possibly get rid of it or donate it to somebody who could use it," Williams said.

The house is available for rent through AirBnB until September.

A tiny house next door is for sale, starting at about $149,900.

"We have a very active and engaged community, so one of our first priorities was making sure that this someone moving into here would become part of our community and part of the EcoVillage," said Jenny Spencer, a Detroit Shoreway representative

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