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J.R. Smith's wife wears his tattoo shirt at Bridgestone Invitational


Jewel Harris is one of a couple thousand J.R. Smith fans rocking the tattoo shirt from Fresh Brewed Tees. 

Smith's wife was spotted by TMZ at Akron's Bridgestone Invitational with his custom shirt on. 

"This is not something we typically do but it would be kinda cool to mock up, so I hit my designer up and I say, 'Hey just mock this up real quick to promote it on Twitter.' It goes viral within seconds, and I realize that this is something that we need to pursue," Fresh Brewed Tees creator Tony Madalone said.

Within 48 hours, he met with Smith and they came up with "The JR Smith Tattoo Shirtless Shirt."

"The shirt is JR's full body -- upper body -- front and back. It's an all-over print. It's very unique. He signed off on it, the tattoo artist signed off on it, so it's pretty unique circumstance and opportunity," Madalone said.

Madalone said sales started Monday and have been non-stop.

"(Fresh Brewed Tees tries) to strike a chord and strike something that the fan wants," he said. "And create that demand based on their needs."

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