Breast cancer survivor volunteers for Komen race

Breast cancer survivor volunteers for Komen race

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Akron's Komen Race for the Cure is a couple of weeks away.

While most breast cancer survivors share so much in common, each story also has its own very unique spin, like that of 48-year-old Pamela Friend. She can often be found doing some kind of volunteer work for the Komen Foundation -- and with good reason.

"You do want to give back as a survivor you want to tell your story, you want to be around other people that have been through it or are going through it and you can support them," she said Pamela.

Even doing something as simple as packing the goodie bags for the upcoming Akron race is important to Friend. She's going into this race celebrating her own survival, but that phone call with her diagnosis five years ago is something she'll never forget.

"You just sort of freak out. You wonder about what the future is going to hold for you. You know, all you've heard, all the stories of chemo and radiation. I've known people who've had it and didn't survive," she said.

She had late stage one breast cancer.

One surgery would be her cure, and would also put her on a mission to spread a message about the importance of regular self-exams. She believes they saved her life.

When her mammogram just before her diagnosis showed no problem, she says she just knew something wasn't right and kept checking. And it was there one day. She said her life changed forever that day, changed for the better. She said she has many new friends through Komen and a new understanding of the importance every day holds.

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