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Geauga Lake attracts trespassers after video posted; 46 arrested

Geauga Lake (Source: YouTube) Geauga Lake (Source: YouTube)

AURORA, Ohio (AP) - Police are warning would-be trespassers not to set foot in an abandoned northeast Ohio amusement park after a spike in arrests at the site this year.

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Bainbridge Township Sgt. Frank Chickos said they've cited 46 people so far this year with trespassing at the former Geauga Lake amusement park.

He says a lot of the trespassers have been caught climbing on top of an old roller coaster that he says is basically a big piece of rotting wood.

Chickos fears someone is going to fall through a piece of broken wood and get hurt.

Police have arrested a handful of trespassers since the park shut down in 2007. But that number has increased sharply since drone footage of the park was posted on the internet earlier this year.

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