Your hotel picture could save victims of sex trafficking: Traffick Cam app

Your hotel picture could save victims of sex trafficking: Traffick Cam app

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A new photo app called Traffick Cam could help save victims of human sex trafficking. The app should be especially useful during the Republican National Convention when Cleveland's hotels are 100 percent booked and sex trafficking is expected to increase during the large event.

The goal is to match pictures of hotel rooms, that anyone can upload to the site, with online sex solicitations. Often times victims are seen in pictures posing in hotel rooms. It's a simple app to use and the creators of the site have tips on where specifically to take the photos.

Sr. Anne Victory with the Collaborative to End Human Trafficking says this app could be helpful to investigators.

"It could be another tool in the tool box," she said. "Parents have a really hard time with this. They're scared of it. They don't want to think that their child could be affected. But who knows what kids are doing online, on their phone."

Since 2007, Sr. Anne has been working to raise awareness about how big of a problem human trafficking is, around the world, and here in our own backyard.

Parents, especially, from every race and suburb, need to know how to protect their kids, even though she admits it's a tough message to hear.  She has advice on how to do that as well.

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