Adorable puppy rescued from bottom of drain

Adorable puppy rescued from bottom of drain

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It was a different kind of rescue for Cleveland police officers.

It took hours but a detective from the Fifth District rescued a puppy who accidentally found himself at the bottom of a 20-foot storm drain.

It happened Wednesday afternoon.

Edna Sutton, who is handicapped, says she was walking her dog when he fell into the drain.

Officers Ken Ryan, Dan O'Mally, Sean Colman, and Eric Haggeman responded to the radio call.

They heard the dog barking and started lifting manhole covers until they saw the dog, clinging to debris in a sewer at E. 100 and Garfield.

Off duty detective Sean Smith went into the sewer and recovered the dog.

The pup was returned to Sutton and is doing fine.

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