Security expert faults Cleveland's approach to convention

Security expert faults Cleveland's approach to convention

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland handled an estimated 1.3 million people downtown for the Cavs parade, a much smaller convention should be no sweat right?

Wrong according to Sam Rosenfeld who says the fact convention venues abut Cleveland's business district can present opportunities for for trouble makers, loosely organized groups he refers to anarchists.

He's not predicting violence, but doesn't believe the city is handling the flow of information correctly saying, "There is no depth right, there is no depth to what we're being told other than what are the streets that are likely to be blocked off and what are the access points," Rosenfeld said.

Rosenfeld said, "This is the most challenging location that they've ever held one in in the last 3 cycles."

Sam has a background in large scale events and crowd control he has one frightening observation, and that is that anarchists are planning.

"There are anarchists walking around downtown doing their recons I watched one yesterday doing a fence probe of the Indians fence line behind where they put the media trucks. They are here and they are taking a look," Rosenfeld said.

Perk Plaza is one location where some of the convention rally's are going to be held. The city is confident it can keep it calm here and at other locations in the city.

Sam doesn't think so, he doesn't think they are as confident as they are letting on.  If they were he says why would they spend $9.5 million dollars for a $50 million insurance policy.

Chief Calvin Williams posted an open letter to the city saying all is ready, and officers trained.  But Sam says the training is based on an old FEMA report.

"That training is 30 years old, that doctrine is 30 years old and groups that look to outwit and out smart the police are learning every years," said Rosenfeld.

The convention is 11 days away.

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