Many in Warrensville Heights support officer's Facebook post

Many in Warrensville Heights support officer's Facebook post

WARRENSVILLE HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - A powerful Facebook post from Warrensville Heights police Officer Nakia Jones went viral after she called out the white officers responsible for shooting and killing a black man in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Tuesday.

"If you are white and you work in the black community and you are racist, you should be ashamed of yourself," Jones said during the live Facebook post.

People around the country are talking about the post, and so are the people in Warrensville Heights where Jones patrols. According to many residents that spoke with Cleveland 19 News, she is well-known and respected.

Perfect Blend Barber Salon owner David Gulley has seen Jones around, and he was captivated by what she had to say.

"I think it's the truth. I mean, my sister is a Cleveland police officer. She is at the Fourth District. Everything she said, and the power that she had behind it, the whole message that's concerning being a good officer, taking that oath and actually standing up to do a job that you swore under oath to do," Gulley said.

Timothy Thompson, of Shaker Heights, said people need to speak out.

"We need people to come forward and expose the people who don't want to do the job for what is called for," said Thompson.

Though it's difficult to predict if any change will come form Jones' post or these shootings, if nothing else, many of the people in the Warrensville Heights community are glad to hear many of their own personal feelings posted by someone they trust to keep them safe.

Jermaine Svruce is from Cleveland, but says he has seen Jones patrolling around Warrensville Heights when he's in town. He said when he sees Jones again he will give her the thumbs up.

"She did a good job," Svruce said with a smile.

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