Clergy speak out after shootings, ask people to pray, vote

Clergy speak out after shootings, ask people to pray, vote

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - About 30 pastoral leaders gathered at Mt. Sinai Baptist Church in Cleveland on Friday to pray and call for peace.

They were already planning a prayer meeting after a police-involved shooting in Louisiana, then it happened again in Minnesota. And when they began organizing, there was another shooting in Dallas, in which five officers were killed.

That's what has made them want to send a message of peace.

The group is called United Pastors in Prayer.

They say they plan to have prayer meetings at their respective churches over the next week, and they also encouraged temples, synagogues and mosques to do the same. The group says their message to the Cleveland community is to turn their anger into positive action and demonstrations.

"Though people's nerves are on edge and our psyches are being challenged, we still encourage people in this city, people in this nation, people in this world to do what you must do, but do it in a lawful type of way," said Rev. Dr. Larry Macon, Sr.

The group says other than encouraging peace and prayer, they are also making efforts to get people registered to vote. They said that's the most important action Cleveland residents can take.

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