Is Cleveland a target of Dallas-style attack?

What Cleveland Can Learn

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - In advance of the Republican National Convention are there lessons for Cleveland that can be learned from what happened in Dallas? While experts
expect agitators to come to Cleveland, the use of deadly force is not typically one of their tactics according to security expert Sam Rosenfeld.

"This wasn't someone who picked up a rifle yesterday and decided to engage the police," Rosenfeld said.

Rosenfeld tracks violence and violent events.  His study of video from Dallas tells him something important.

"You look at the video of the individual who is responding to the police officer behind him. He turns, he engages. He advances into what he sees as the enemy. That requires training."

Rosenfeld expects what he calls anarchists to come to Cleveland for the convention, they are trained to agitate, but in large measure not in violent acts.

Some of the group names are the Trustafarians, which are rich kids living a rugged life on inherited trust funds. Others are called Crustys, for their
rude behavior, and those that are best described as looking like bicycle messengers.

"An anarchist will not look at a member of the public and say they're a target for violence, they will not look at an independently owned business and say they're a target for violence. They see themselves as protecting the population from the likes of the police," Rosenfeld continued.

Rosenfeld said an anarchist will attack with non deadly force are police, the media, or large corporations.

"It would be grossly unfair and illegitimate to think anarchists and this kind of lethal action."

His words are reassuring in one regard.

Cleveland venues will have been swept, Dallas was not.  He adds "It would be fair to conclude that the secret service being the secret service know every inch of everything with direct line of sight to this building."

Rosenfeld complimented Cleveland Police on several of the things they've done.  The parade route is closer than any other host city in more than a decade.  He said the handling of the Cavs massive crowd was well executed, but acknowledged a celebration is far different than a political convention.

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