Local police wives, families react to Dallas ambush

Local Officers' Loved Ones React

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The news of this week's ambush on police in Dallas sent shivers down the spines of police wives and families in northeast Ohio.

This attack, for many of them, was a game changer.

Loved ones, already on edge leading up to the Republican National Convention, are now even more nervous about potential violence. Mothers, wives, children, and family members are deeply saddened about what happened in Dallas, and worried sick about what could happen here, especially as things seem to be escalating on the national stage.

As the news of the Dallas police ambush broke last night, Katie, a police officer's wife, grew increasingly fearful for her husband's safety.

"It was terrifying to have a husband out there putting his life on the line to protect other people," she said.

A nine-year veteran of the Cleveland Police Department, he was on duty as word spread about the five police officers murdered during a peaceful protest.

"I had to wait up for him last night. It was probably the most afraid I've been for him since he started working for the police department," she said.

She now has the difficult task of sending her husband off for a shift with more fear than ever, and explaining the situation to her five children.

"It's a hard conversation to have at the morning breakfast table. They need to hear it from me before they hear it from other people. It makes them afraid for their dad," she said.

Her family and other local police families are trying to show gratitude to those officers heading to NE Ohio to help with the RNC. It's an event they know will be tension-filled. She says what they need now is support and restraint.

"Find the facts. And if you don't like the process, then, fight to change it. Don't hurt people. Don't cause more violence and turmoil. We don't need it," she said.

On Saturday, July 16, the Sea of Blue is calling for a Prayer Day. They're asking people to go to their local police departments and say a prayer for safety forces and the city of Cleveland before the RNC at 1 p.m.

How to help the families of those killed in Dallas.

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