Elyria city council to vote on dog tethering ordinance

Elyria city council to vote on dog tethering ordinance
Dog harness (Source: Gregory Willey)
Dog harness (Source: Gregory Willey)

ELYRIA, OH (WOIO) - Elyria City Council will now get to vote on a new tethering ordinance that would limit the number of hours you can leave your dog tied up outside. It would also ban certain types of collars and chains.

Gregory Willey, the Executive Director of Elyria's Friendship Animal Protective League, went before city council on Tuesday along with supporters of the tethering ordinance to convince city leaders the ordinance needed to be put to a full vote.

"This isn't something that can wait forever. There are animals suffering right now," said Willey when he addressed city council. His speech was carried live on Facebook.

Willey used the recent case of a young pup named "Ace," to illustrate the need for the ordinance.  Ace was found with a harness embedded inside him.

"You can see the size of the wound there. It's actually basically two inches across, two centimeters deep," said Willey.

Ace is now recovering. Willey said had Ace's owner actually done more than just tie him up and leave him there for an unknown period of time, they would have noticed the harness became too small for the puppy's growing body.

"So, instead of seeing dogs that are left outside 24/7. We are going to control that to where the dogs are limited in the amount of time they are outside,"

Willey says the ordinance would also protect animals from being left out in extreme weather like the 90 degree temperatures we experienced over the past week.

"The dogs barking at something, it knocks over the bucket, it knocks over the water, and if there is not a person home or present to change that out, they can go literally 10 hours without access to water, which everybody needs, especially on a hot day."

Many other cities like Cleveland have already passed tethering ordinances.

Willey says that, luckily, most chose to bring their pets inside.

"Mostly, for me, they are more a part of the family because of that, they are less likely to be prone to illnesses and injuries that result from animals that are left outside to their own devices 24/7," added Willey.

Elyria City Council is expected to vote on the new ordinance at the beginning of August.

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