'Pokemon Go' takes over; Beware of the fun

'Pokemon Go' takes over; Beware of the fun

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Gamers are getting off the couch and getting outside..all because of Pokemon.

The 90's craze is making a comeback with both kids and adults.

The free "Pokemon Go" app has only been available for a couple of days...but already it's crashed servers due to popularity. And industry experts say it's on the verge of overtaking Twitter in terms of daily active users on Android. Pokemon is back and taking gamers of all ages on an augmented reality adventure.

The modern day scavenger hunt that is "Pokemon Go" is capturing the attention and occupying the phones of people just about everywhere you go.

"You can go anywhere and catch all the Pokemon you seen in the anime or in the game," said Luke Frisbie.

The app uses your phone's GPS to make Pokemon show up, or lead you to where they are. Then players can train and battle characters which seem to appear in the real world.

"You could go to different parks. There's stuff here the last time we were here. And there's stuff at Colby, and Wickliffe City Hall. It's different stuff around the globe," said Brady Pugh.

It's encouraging players to exercise, get outside and explore, which is something that parents love.

And plenty of those parents are getting in on the action too.

Adults like Mario Musa, who's been a fan since he was a kid...like that it turns a traditionally solo activity into something social.

"Now you have a video game that came out 20 years ago, bringing the public together. They don't even know each other. It makes it that much better," said Musa.

But there are risks involved, as reports of playing and driving are popping up...and trespassing.

Does that have parents worried about safe gaming?

"I'd be the one that is doing it with my kids so from that aspect not really. I guess maybe if I have a teenager I'd worry a little bit more about it," said Lisa Droe.

Since players are walking around glued to their phone, they are vulnerable to getting lost, falling, running into stuff...or worse. There are reports of players being lured into a location, then being robbed...so players are being encouraged to participate in groups.

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