Secret Service says downtown safe for visitors, families during RNC

Secret Service says downtown safe for visitors, families during RNC
(Source: WOIO)
(Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - If you're thinking about bringing your family downtown next week to see the historic RNC and soak in the sights the Secret Service and Cleveland
Police Chief say come on down.

Ahead of the Republican Convention the multi-agency coordinating center is up and running and functioning well.

We can tell you a lot about it, but had to agree not tell you where it is in order to gain access.

Information of 73 different agencies, from law enforcement, to RTA, to ODNR will be fed there.

It is not a command and control center. Rather a clearing house for information so the 73 agencies each know what the other is doing.

During the one time sneak peak questions centered around Cleveland's preparedness.

All speaking gave assurances the city is prepared.

Police Chief Calvin Williams said, "Cleveland is prepared, we invite people to come here, enjoy the city, exercise your constitutional rights. We're here to help you do that."

The single RNC protest to date in Cleveland was peaceful, but in the wake of Dallas there are other concern that Chief Williams says has been taken
into account.

"It effects our planning but we have planned with it we have planned this from day one to yesterday and everything that can and will happen we have planned for," added Williams.

Joseph Clancy is Secret Service Director and said there has been no specific credible threat related to the RNC and that he is impressed with the partnerships
that have been formed to bring readiness to this point. He cautions it comes at an expense...

"We recognize that this event, the security arrangements may cause some inconveniences to the citizens. We've had a challenging and effective planning process," Clancy said.

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