Thieves swiping Cedar Point souvenir refillable cups

Thieves targeting Cedar Point all-season refillable cups

SANDUSKY, OH (WOIO) - We're getting answers on possible theft issues with those new all-season beverage cups at Cedar Point.

They can be a great deal: $30 for free-refills all season for the orange cups, or $11 for $1 refills all season for the green cups.  But the problem is, they're pretty obvious, and that could make them a target for theft.

Cedar Point would not disclose any specific theft or sales numbers.

A spokesman for the company said, "To maintain a positive experience, we encourage the use of lockers located at various locations inside the park to store loose articles, such as personal items and souvenir drink bottles."

Another employee suggested decorating your cup, so it's unique, and easy to spot. They also say to register your cup, that way if it is stolen, you can report it missing. The cup can then be red-flagged so if someone does try to scan it for a refill, it can be confiscated and returned to you.

However, there are some do-it-yourself refill stations where you don't necessarily have to scan your cup to get a refill.

A spokesman for Cedar Point says are no plans to modify the drink bottle program at this time.

But on, an online forum, there is a section dedicated to stolen all-season drink cups. A few Cedar Point fans and season pass holders have some suggestions for improving the system.

DSShives said, "Hopefully, they will come up with some kind of all-season drink plan linked to your season pass like the meal plan."

Bluestreaker added, "It seems logical that this should instead go on your season pass. Imagine if you could only use the all-season dining plan if you had your special orange plastic plate to put the food on."

You do not have to have a season pass for one of these cups, so some other suggestions include a wrist band or some sort of photo or picture identification linked to your cup.

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