Does airport danger remain despite TSA screenings?

Hopkins International Airport. (Source: WOIO)
Hopkins International Airport. (Source: WOIO)
Hopkins Airport travelers. (Source: WOIO)
Hopkins Airport travelers. (Source: WOIO)
Does airport danger remain despite TSA screenings? (Source: WOIO)
Does airport danger remain despite TSA screenings? (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - When you head for vacation with your family you've gotten used to long lines at airports.

TSA security screenings are necessary, but add to travelers frustrations and at times delays.

But in the effort to make air travel safe is something very simple being overlooked, something that could put you and your loved ones at risk -- the metal knives and forks that are provided to diners at restaurants beyond the security check points.

We began our check at Hopkins after going through the same TSA screening as everyone else. At a restaurant we visited our utensils came neatly
wrapped in a napkin. We opened them and found a metal knife and fork.

The knife had no point, but was sharply serrated, the fork tines sharp and could be more of a weapon than the knife.

It was true elsewhere.

At Midway Airport in Chicago the story was the same, utensils at Harry Carey's all metal.

At Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport, the busiest in the world we found a mix, some restaurants used metal looking plastic utensils as in a picture that we took and others used metal, hard to tell the difference.

But there is a difference according to security expert Tim Dimoff .

"You absolutely don't want to have any kind of metal forks, knives, spoons you know. You wanna have plastic. It's thin, it breaks it's hard to use it as a weapon," Dimoff says.

The cheaper the plastic the better.

In New Orleans, there is a sensible approach. Metal silverware is used up to the checkpoints, and plastic after that.

Atlanta TSA spokesman Mark Howell who supervises our area told us, "No metal knives are permitted beyond the security check points".

But as our pictures prove they are there and that could translate to danger for you and yours.

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