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Not as many homes being rented during RNC as anticipated

Not as many homes being rented during RNC as anticipated

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It's not just hotels that will be filling up with conventioneers next week. Private homes will be hosting to those in town for the RNC, but it seems not as many an initially anticipated.

Ohio City homeowner, Don Hallum, has rented out his entire multi-suite property for the week of the RNC. And he's looking forward to playing host, just as much as the city is.

"I get to greet them. I get to meet them. I get to tell them about Ohio city and the area downtown and that's the fun part," he said.

To prepare, he and his wife had to basically move their life out of the three suites.


"You realize that there's a lot of personal items that you just have to move out. I was surprised at how much time that took," said Hallum.

While their guest, an insurance lobbyist, stays in their beautifully renovated former carpet cleaning warehouse, they'll be camping.

"We'll be coming back on a regular basis to clean up and exchange towels, make the beds and everything," said Hallum.

Katy Dix Brahler, with Re/Max, said she had nearly 200 inquiries from home owners about renting their place out during the convention.

"It ramped up, ramped up then dropped down, especially this last two months. I couldn't believe it," she said.

In the end she only rented about 10, ranging from $5-13,000 for the week.

"I think the amount of people coming in is not as grand as people thought," she said.

Dix Brahler said several lobbyists and corporations have backed off their original intentions of attending because it didn't turn out to be a contested convention, or because they didn't want to be directly associated with Donald Trump

If you're still thinking of offering up your home for RNC it appears too late, as inquires for rentals have dropped off substantially.

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