Risks at airports, despite TSA screenings?

Risks at airports, despite TSA screenings?
Hopkins Airport travelers. (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Long lines at airports have become a simple fact of life.

TSA security screenings are necessary, but add to traveler's frustrations and at times delays. But in the effort to make air travel safe is something very simple being overlooked.

Something potentially dangerous that anyone could simply put in their pocket and take onto an airplane. The metal knives and forks that are provided to diners at restaurants beyond the security check points.

We checked four major airports, including Cleveland Hopkins and found at three of the four diners at restaurants were given metal knives and forks.

A TSA spokesman says this is not allowed.

At some airports restaurant workers left sharp kitchen knives in places where they could be grabbed by someone walking by.

You'll be surprised what one airport traveler was allowed to bring on a flight to Cleveland even after the item was flagged and examined by TSA.

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