Akron Race for Cure; Latest breast cancer treatments

Akron Race for Cure; Latest breast cancer treatments
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Akron race for the cure is right around the corner. It is a very meaningful time for so many, it is also a time to ask what the latest treatments are for breast cancer.

Dr. Donna Plecha, the Director of University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center's breast cancer imaging says the relatively new tomosynthesis is making her lifesaving job a lot easier. It is similar to the mammogram except instead of 2-D on the left, the tomosynthesis uses 3-D images which.

She calls it a game changer.

"Instead of getting, let's say four pictures of the breast we get 200 images to look at so we have a lot more images, a lot more detail," said Dr. Plecha.

She also said more women are choosing it for their annual screenings despite an extra cost, since not all insurance companies are on board - 'yet', that is.

In the meantime, though she strongly recommends annual mammograms for all women forty years and older despite any other recommendations out there, explaining research shows it saves the most lives.

With that, she reminds us that 75 percent of those diagnosed have no family history, but, the number that bothers her the most is only about 65 percent of those eligible for mammograms get them.

It's something she takes personal, putting out a plea for more women to get their annual screenings.

Especially important, she says when we all know so much can be done now if it is found early enough, "it's a treatable disease, we can treat it ...most patients do just great."

A lot of the progress made in treating breast cancer is in part due to money raised by the Susan G. Komen Foundation through the many events like Akron's race for the cure.

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