'Monofins' being banned for posing danger to 'Little Mermaid' swimmers

'Monofins' being banned for posing danger to 'Little Mermaid' swimmers

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Mermaid tails are popular among young girls this summer -- it gives them the chance to swim around like a "Little Mermaid" and have some fun.

But the costumes, which are typically made out of neoprene and plastic, do pose a danger. They can become loose and cumbersome. Sometimes they even slide down the legs, which can make it difficult to swim.

One home video even shows a mother rescuing her daughter who nearly drowned when she could not get back to the surface wearing a mermaid tail. We called around to local pools and found that some of them have already banned "monofins", as they are also called.

Thursday at 5 a.m. on Cleveland 19 News This Morning we'll run down the list of pools that are banning mermaid fins, and share some mermaid "dos and don'ts."

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