TSA says it closely tracks metal items used at airports

TSA says it closely tracks metal items used at airports

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland 19 raised questions about metal knives and forks at airports. Knives and forks used at restaurants past the TSA security scans.

In Cleveland, Chicago, and Atlanta metal knives are used at most restaurants.

In New Orleans metal is used before the final screening, plastic afterward. Metal utensils that could easily be put in your pocket and taken onto an airplane undetected.

But there was more.

At several sandwich shops and restaurants sharp cutting knives were in areas where someone with evil intent could grab them.

Tuesday TSA spokesman Mark Howell issued a statement saying, "TSA works closely with airport partners to ensure vendors located post-security maintain accountability of knives and other sharp items used for food preparation or by diners."

Security expert Tim Dimoff agrees in most cases saying, "Most of these restaurants, the common person can't easily get to them so that's what you gotta do you gotta make sure they're not accessible to the common person walking by so someone can look over and reach over and grab it."

We showed places where knives could be reached, TSA responded, "Regular audits and immediate reporting of missing items are just a couple control measures in place to ensure the safety of passengers."

Hopkins Airport has no reported violations. Dimoff insists that the best practice is no metal utensils. He urges plastic be used, and the cheaper
the better and observed, "People that might want to use it they're gonna grab it, look at it and say this is junk."

The one unresolved question we had was how foot long metal grounding rods were allowed to be carried onto a Cleveland bound plane, even after TSA
screeners alertly spotted them.

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