Editorial: Welcome to Cleveland! Enjoy the convention

Editorial: Welcome to Cleveland! Enjoy the RNC

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - To all of the delegates and visitors arriving for the Republican National Convention -- we welcome you with open arms to Cleveland. We've worked hard to get our city ready, and block-by-block, that hard work has paid off.

Take a walk downtown. Enjoy a cold one. Cleveland has some of the best locally-produced brews anywhere. Grab dinner in one of our fabulous restaurants on Fourth Street or in Tremont.

Want to get away from the speeches? See a show in Playhouse Square, the biggest and brightest theater district west of Broadway and east of Chicago. Take a drive through our vibrant and diverse neighborhoods. Grab some exercise in our amazing metroparks.

And you can't go back home empty-handed. Buy some Cavaliers world championship souvenirs from local stores (especially those delegates from northern California).  You know, we just had a parade for our championship team -- attended by more than 1 million people! No cars were flipped, no buildings set on fire. We celebrated like we've been there before, even though it's been 52 long years.

So, welcome to Cleveland! Enjoy the convention. Make no mistake, we're ready to be in the national spotlight again and we're honored to host the party.

I'm Dominic Mancuso, and that's how we see it.

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