Euclid Police Dept. hosting "Safety Town" for pre-K kids

Stranger danger: Teaching kids to recognize when something's not right

EUCLID, OH (WOIO) - This week at Cleveland 19 News, we've been taking a close look at "stranger danger" -- from the number of attempted abductions to special self defense classes for kids, we want to help you keep your kids safe.

This week Euclid police officers are hosting "Safety Town." About 24 students participate in a week-long program where pre-kindergarten students learn about strangers and the situations that could put them in harm's way.

For the last five years, Euclid police and a host of volunteers have stepped up to keep the students in the know.

"The kids at this age, they're getting ready to go into kindergarten and they'll be in a public setting more frequently and they need to start understanding some safety tips even at this extremely young age, they can start absorbing lessons that will serve them well," said Lt. Mitch Houser, with the Euclid Police Department.

They also teach the kids about poison safety, water safety and what to do if they find a firearm.

"It's scary, it's really an eye-opener we hope that parents know that hey stranger can be anybody. We hope that you enforce that with your children. Let them know that if a stranger wants to go with them, they're to say, 'No,' tell somebody," said Ed Bonchak, Community Policing Specialist with the Euclid Police Department.

The police are holding a "graduation" for these kids this Friday. Count on Cleveland 19 News to bring you that story.

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