How to find the day care that's right for you

How to find the day care that's right for you
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - When it comes to day care, there are certain things parents can do to better ensure they are choosing a safe place.

It comes down to a simple checklist.

Kelli Freed, director at Chaperone Rouge in Westlake, says it starts with security. At some day cares, it takes either a computer code or a fingerprint reading to get into the building. In terms of surveillance, she believes there needs to be a video camera in every room and every area of a day care center.

"Everything is on video here, those are reviewed so we know what's going on, there's no where they can go where no one is going to see them," Freed said.

Next on the checklist: staff. Freed said there should be background checks.

But in the case of a man recently accused of rape at a Shaker Heights day care, the dare care said he passed a background check. Freed said it has to go further.

"I would suggest talking with the teachers seeing how well they interact with you, watch how they interact with the kids," she said.

Policy rounds out Freed's list, down to the details.

The Shaker Heights case brings up the question of how long a worker should be allowed to be alone with a child, and how long it would take for a worker to hurt the child.

"Nobody should be alone with a child, even when you open in the morning and there's one kid here, there's always two teachers," Freed said.

She said intuition counts too -- a parent sometimes can almost feel if a place is right or wrong for them and their child. She recommends parents turning to other parents for recommendations and keeping in mind parents can certainly do their own research on workers, which is where social media can be key.

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