Police show off gear that will be used at RNC convention

CPD rolls out equipment for RNC

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Republican National Convention is 4 days away. The Cleveland Police Department rolled out its equipment that will be used to keep everyone safe.

A $50M federal grant was used to get some of that equipment which includes 4 new blast suits for the bomb unit and a new robot.

Much of the money was used for gear and some of it for training. K-9 officer Benny sniffed out a package hidden in a stack of pallets by his handler. Officers atop Paco and Boss showed off the training they've gone through.

"What they are simulating is basically how they would steer a crowd or a larger group of people to another area," said Sgt. Jennifer Ciaccia explained.

Some of the equipment will be resold by the city generating revenue for the city.  But much of it, millions of dollars worth will stay right here
in Cleveland.

Most notable are 300 bicycles which will go permanently to an expanded bicycle unit, allowing friendlier community policing. The training of officers on all the gear remains too.  Bicycle patrol officer Stephanie Murphy talked about the bikes

"These bikes are good for hopping curbs street riding maneuverability, their very sturdy bikes, their spec'd out very well."

Three new motorcycles will join the force, specifically designed to go places the current units aren't designed to go.  Unpaved areas, over curbs
and into a crowd to aid someone.

Most of what we saw is already being done but Ciaccia said this is different.

"That's normal, we do that all the time what you're gonna see though is more of it. You're gonna see dogs that are from outside agencies and our people are doing that as a precautionary thing," said Ciaccia.

There is something just as important as all the gear. The sets of eyes of all of us.  Police use the phrase "If you see something, say something call the tip line at 180-CALLFBI. It's manned 24/7.

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