Lawyers aim to provide legal support for RNC protesters

Lawyers aim to provide legal support for RNC protesters

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - As thousands of people make their way to Cleveland for the Republican National Convention, a group of lawyers is preparing to offer legal support.

Terry Gilbert has been a civil rights attorney in Cleveland for decades, but next week he'll experience a first. He's working with the National Lawyers Guild to give legal support to protesters.

"I think in every convention in the last 25 to 30 years the NLG has been very active in making sure that abuses of people's rights are not condoned," said Gilbert.

Gilbert is an active member of the guild, a group that's committed to protecting first amendment rights.

Ahead of the RNC, the Ohio chapter has been preparing to legally support protesters. Gilbert says about 50 local attorneys are volunteering around the clock to help during and after the RNC.

"We'll have representation in court making sure they're treated well in jail, in custody, and just keep up a record of everything that's going on," said Gilbert.

Gilbert thinks protesters can be susceptible to injustice in these circumstances. He points to the protests following the verdict of Cleveland police officer Michael Brelo.

"It was a failure on the part of the police -- 71 people were arrested, 99 percent of those people should have never been arrested, never been charged. The ACLU had to file a lawsuit around that. The whole gamut of political views will be on display through the actions of protest," said Gilbert.

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