Body of 18-year-old swimmer found

Drowning victim found in Summit County

COVENTRY TOWNSHIP, OH (WOIO) - The body of an 18-year-old swimmer was found in the Portage Lakes in Summit County this week.

The victim, who sources identified as Justin Khamvongsouk, was found about 50 yards in from shore.

Firefighters said an 18-year-old reported she and her boyfriend had been swimming off of a boat Wednesday around 3 p.m. She said it began to drift while they were in the water.

"He tried to swim back to the boat but the boat drifted on and he could not get to the boat," said Summit County sheriff's inspector William Holland.

Though she attempted to rescue him, she was unable to locate him after he became submerged in the water.

Holland said the mucky water made the search for Khamvongsouk's body difficult. It wasn't until the next morning authorities were able to recover the body.

Khamvongsouk is a recent grad of Coventry High School.

"It's difficult for me to bring words together because I feel like I can't pay justice," said principal Neal Kopp.

Kopp said he knew Khamvongsouk well. He said everybody did, as Khamvongsouk was just that kind of person.

"He touched so many people," Kopp said. "Any teacher you talk to will tell you how wonderful he was. His friends will tell you he would get his shirt off his back."

Medical examiners are expected to confirm the body's identity on Monday.

A vigil was held in honor of Khamvongsouk on Friday at Logan Field.

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