Preps underway for the iconic balloon drop at the RNC

Preps underway for iconic balloon drop

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - One of the highlights for any political convention is iconic balloon drop when the nominee is announced.

That will be no different for this year's Republican National Convention in Cleveland. More than 125,000 balloons will be released from high above Quicken Loans Arena.

The man behind the balloon drop is Treb Heiming. He's been the man behind every Republican National Convention since 1984.

"Who wants to listen to the speeches, you know," Heiming joked about the grand finale.

Heiming says he choose Garfield Heights music department to help out because he understands funding can often be difficult. For their work, the RNC is providing a donation for the department's annual competition trip.

"They get to see the inner working of the convention center, they get a special shirt," said Heiming.

It's an effort Garfield senior Benjamin Glowick is thankful for.

"It's hard to pay for anything," Glowick said.

The experience also allowed the students to be a part of history.

"It's like I did something that matters, because this is a big part of the convention," said Glowick.

The students blew up about about 100,000 balloons. They managed to crank out about 20,000 balloons per hour.

"This is probably one of the greatest schools I've ever worked with -- their enthusiasm, their professionalism," said Heiming.

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