Local students to visit France, school taking every precaution

Local students to visit France, school taking every precaution

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A group of local high school students is headed to France. The trip has been planned for the better part of a year as a part of the International exchange program.

A terrorist attack killed dozens there Thursday, in the coastal city of Nice.

"I think first I was heartbroken because whenever you see an act of terror, it just grips you at the most fundamental levels as a human being," said Daniel Bizga, a teacher at Walsh Jesuit.

Next week, Bizga will travel overseas with 46 students from Walsh Jesuit and St. Ignatius as part of the International Exchange Program. They start in Toronto and then head to northern Spain, Southern France, Barcelona, and Rome.

Bizga said the school is taking every precaution to minimize risk and there are contingency plans in place. He knows from experience why everyone is worried.

"Over spring break I was in Barcelona with a student exchange and while we were there, the Brussels airport attack happened. And so even though we were three countries away, we still reached out to parents and everyone was confident about the safety of their students," he said.

Bizga says he and the students will talk about what happened in Nice and pray.

"One of the tragedies of terrorism is it tries to instill fear in people and I believe that fear is false evidence appearing real. You just pray. You expect that there is a higher power looking over you and you go forward with solid, firm planning and then you make sure that the student's safety is always paramount," he said.

The students leave Tuesday. Those interested can follow their travels here via Facebook.

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