Feds: RNC security plan 'always evolving'

Feds: RNC security plan 'always evolving'

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - You've probably noticed there's no shortage of police in downtown Cleveland.

There are 500 officers patrolling the area around the convention, with 2,500 others from across the country helping out.

Officials said any time there's a national spotlight on a political event in the U.S., there's a risk groups will aspire to engage in acts of domestic terrorism. Sources tell CBS News there are no credible, specific threats -- but the F-B-I and other agencies are going high-tech to prevent any trouble. There is a 3D model of the convention grounds and a video unit to document crowd control and police activity.

The feds admit the security plan is, "always evolving," and law enforcement officials are preparing for the unknown.

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