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RNC daily afternoon update

RNC briefing, Sunday afternoon. (Source: WOIO) RNC briefing, Sunday afternoon. (Source: WOIO)
Chief Calvin Williams (Source: WOIO) Chief Calvin Williams (Source: WOIO)

The RNC, GOP Convention, and Trump Campaign postponed its news conference scheduled for Sunday afternoon, in an effort not to conflict with other news conferences involving the deadly Baton Rouge shootings. 

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams and Mayor Jackson held one of their daily briefings at Public Auditorium Sunday morning and both are pleased with how smoothly things have been running. 

"We're starting to get ready for the welcome event tonight. We are starting to put other asset in place to get ready for that. but so far everything has been quiet.  We've had several protests over the last six or eight days and everything's been peaceful," said Chief Calvin Williams.

Mayor Frank Jackson says the focus is simple.

"What we're really focused on is having a successful convention," said Jackson.

The Republican National Convention's welcome event begins at 6:30 p.m. at North Coast Harbor. The event, to welcome delegates and media to Cleveland, expected to be attended by up 12,000.

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