RNC Blog: Behind the scenes in Cleveland

RNC Blog: Behind the scenes in Cleveland

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Republican National Convention has now entered it's second day. Monday, more than 50,000 visitors and guests along with 15,000 media members from across the nation swarmed downtown Cleveland. The majority of the media will be location at the Huntington Convention Center, including myself at the AT&T Press Filing Center. Throughout the day, check back here for press conference updates and information from media members from around the globe.

RNC Day #3 Wednesday July 20, 2016

8a - Good morning! We will be live streaming and on Facebook live this morning from the RNC/GOP/Trump Campaign morning press conference. It starts at 930a. Donald Trump will officially make his way back to Cleveland today for the duration of the RNC. He was here Monday to introduce his wife Melania then immediately flew back to NYC. There were some protesters in court this morning who were arrested for climbing the flag poles at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. More protests expected today including one group, who claim they'll burn an American flag in the downtown area. Cleveland police will also hold a press conference at 10a this morning to update the media on RNC/protester happenings.

RNC Day #2 Tuesday July 19, 2016

645p - Lots of protest groups out this afternoon. While walking along with Black Lives Matter along Euclid Avenue we ran into actor William Baldwin, who is in town for the Republican National Convention. He says ALL LIVES MATTER and that he will join protest groups throughout the week. Baldwin says he's been attending the RNC for years.


Lots of media at the Huntington Convention Center. Things going on outside, there is a very large group of multiple protesters now over at Public Square and there is a massive number of law enforcement as well. Cleveland19.com is live streaming the protests.

11:00 a.m. - We just wrapped up from this morning's GOP/RNC/Trump Campaign press conference and as expected, Melania Trump's speech was the most talked about item. Donald Trump's campaign chairman, Paul Manafort stated "She did a tremendous job last night and she does not speak in public often." Manafort also said "we think Melania's speech was a great speech" and that "the Clinton campaign was the first to put this out there and it's politics, and we recognize it." An unknown member of the media asked Manafort if his campaign was aware of a Utah delegate reportedly being threatened in a bathroom at Quicken Loans Arena last night. Manafort said didn't know anything about bathrooms.

7:00 a.m. - Good morning! Yesterday was pretty peaceful with all the protests going on. Law enforcement was absolutely everywhere and I felt completely safe all day. Police reports suggest that there were two mid scale protests with approximately 450-500 protesters total. There were two arrests, one female and one male. Overall, it was a good day for Cleveland. This morning at 930a we will Facebook Live the RNC/GOP/Trump Campaign press conference. We plan to ask about Melania's speech. That's obviously a huge discussion right now with multiple media outlets suggesting that she plagiarized from Michelle Obama's speech at the DNC.  Click here to watch the Facebook Live starting around 9:30a

RNC Day #1 Monday, July 18, 2016

630p - You just missed it! We did a Facebook Live Tour through the Huntington Convention Center. It wasn't THRILLING, because everyone was either eating or cranking out those reports, but hey...it gives you a look into our world, right? Okay, hop over to my Facebook page check it out. We even went to talk to Snap Chat... but like your Snapchat videos after you post them... they were gone! We popped into the Boston Globe, Univision, the Associate Press and more! 


It's live on air time. Not many folks around the press area inside. Most are outside preparing for live shots. While we were outside, we spotted some snipers keeping the perimeters safe on top of buildings. When we came back inside there was a major uproar over rules voting at the convention. Some journalists (who were also eating at the same time) were standing around television monitors watching the yelling and screaming inside the convention.

2:45 p.m. - Taking a quick look at some of the media stuffed into the Huntington Convention Center. Here's a list of some of the media floating around: Snapchat, BET Network, the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Politico, The Hill, Univision, Capital Hill, USA Today and the Daily Show. There is also a Foreign Press Center. To see where we all are and how we are being housed, flip over to my Facebook page in a few minutes to see the video!



I just posted two videos from inside of the Huntington Convention Center, where media is partially housed, filing stories for the day. I walked you through the AT&T Press Filing Center and showed you all our set-up and talked about just some of the media that's in town. CLICK HERE to check them out!!!

Later today, I talk to some of these groups to see why it's so important to travel the long distance to cover the RNC.

10a - 1045a - GOP/ RNC spoke about the Convention Program for the week. Melania Trump will speak today and her husband, Donald Trump will be flying in with her today to hear her speech. He'll then leave and be back on Wednesday. Some of the press asked about why Gov. John Kasich will not be in attendance and Trump campaign staff said it's his own decision to not be here, but said that the GOP is unified and it's time for healing. Also, media outlet Univision asked why Donald Trump has not addressed his previous statements regarding Latinos. The Trump campaign staffer stated the Mr. Trump had planned to, but multiple national tragedies occurred.

9:30 a.m. -  The GOP press conference that was supposed to begin at 930a was delayed until 10a. I will Facebook live it here.


8 a.m.  - So it begins. Our morning started with being shuttled to the security zone, dropped off and screened by the United States Secret Service. It was pretty much the same as going through TSA at your local airport. Lot's of folks forgetting the despite the rain, umbrellas are prohibited items. We saw two dumpsters full umbrellas that didn't make it through security. I guess if you need one before you through security, bring a cheap one that you won't mind tossing in the garbage on your way in.  One we got through security, we had to get another shuttle, this time with Secret Service onboard to get to our final destination. Now off to the Huntington Convention Center to cover GOP press conferences and the media circus. If you have any questions for any particular media send a message or tweet to @cassienist or on Facebook at Cassandra Nist. I'll be on Facebook live on and off throughout the day.

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